What is "Health Matters"?

Health Matters is a new, obesity-related newsletter produced by Gillian Kew (SRN, RMN.BA) for Cambridge Weight Plan™ HK. Each issue reports on different aspects of nutrition and health, including physiological and psychological aspects of weight management, as well as other related areas, such as food additives, etc. Our target readership is Hong Kong’s medical and allied health professionals, as well as an educated public. The newsletter is free of charge. If you would like to receive a copy, or have any suggestions for articles, please contact the Editor at gillian@cambridgeweightplan.hk.

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What is Cambridge Weight Plan?

Cambridge Weight Plan (formerly, the Cambridge Diet) is a nutritionally balanced formula food, available as shakes, soups, bars, and porridges. The original plan was developed by Dr Alan Howard as a formula, “Very Low Calorie Diet” (VLCD) for rapid, safe, weight loss prior to surgery. About twelve years ago the diet evolved into a more flexible programme, allowing titration of energy intake against the client or patient’s response, and was re-named, “The Cambridge Weight Plan”.

This remarkably precise titration process (precise because it includes formula food products rather than non-formula foods alone) can be applied in steps, under the supervision of an accredited Cambridge Weight Plan consultant, allowing the client to determine the pace of weight reduction whilst maintaining optimal health throughout the process.

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Gillian Kew (SRN RMN MA) Academic Editor